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Colour of Sound may be a new band, but they've chosen an 'old school' route to making their debut album 'When'. This is a band that makes epic indie pop.  The four band members come from London and Cardiff and their sound and songs have been honed over a period of time, bringing a timeless quality to both their live gigs and their recordings.

Haunting harmonies, guitars that both jangle and soar, the occational swirling Hammond and a rock-steady beat throughout make the songs at once refreshingly new yet strangely familiar. For those of you who know about such things, you'll be interested to know that when it came to the studio, everything was recorded live with new sounds crafted on vintage instruments, and all committed to 2" tape within 8 days.

"A spellbinding combination of soulful guitar rock, moving vocals, charming lyrics and an all round brilliant level of musicianship." Glasswerk

"Listening to this album is a great experience.  That wonderful feeling of listening to somthing that thousands will be familiar with in a couple of years.  It's the sound of a band that could quite comfortably occupy a prominent position on the world stage.  The place where the Coldplays and Stereophonics can be found.  Mature, deep, epic world class music.  Ace vibes!!"  Clint Boon, XFM Radio