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"Eliza Wren Payne is simply a star. (She’s) one of the most incredible singer songwriters we have yet had and that’s saying something!" Sue Popper, Joogleberry Playhouse

"An American singer captivating audiences with her sweeping voice and striking stage presence - sounds like a hit to us!" The Hit Sheet Magazine

“She was wonderful! She is from Utah, looks like a little pretty pixie and has one of the most incredible singing voices I’ve ever had the fortune to hear. She sang half her songs a cappella, just tapping her guitar for a beat and
making the hairs on the backs of all our necks stand up. Her voice is sometimes high and light, almost like Joanna Newsom but not as relentless, and sometimes it swoops down to low and sexy. It’s really something.”
Marsha Shantur, XFM DJ

"Creativity oozes out of every pore - she sings, she dances, she creates fabulous artwork. Her style is laid back soulful jazz, her voice massages the ears, bathing them with sensual delight. Delicate and strong, simple yet complex. Wonderful stuff." Neil Fairbrother,

“Eliza Wren Payne has wowed audiences at every one of her live shows." Up All Night Music

"Captivates audiences with her sweeping voice and striking stage presence." Hit Sheet

"It’s American Eliza Wren Payne who steals the day though, drawing stunned silence with her first song . Her vocal range and control is mesmerizing, her song writing assured. One to watch for in the future for sure."
Secret Garden Festival Review,

“Her style evokes memories of early Ani Di Franco in her pure tones that carried a very exposed and personal feel with her precisely clipped vocals that draw the ear expertly to the important phrases. I can’t believe it will be long before her name will be well known indeed."

"Eliza needs to be high up on your must-see-live lists."

"An artistic sprite with one of the most incredible voices either side of the Atlantic."