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England by Broadcaster was Colin Murray’s Record of the Week on Radio 1’ :
"I loved it before I played it on the radio and I adore it even more now. It deserves to be played ALL over Radio 1. If we're doing our job right as the nation's greatest you should be hearing that in a lot of places - very special indeed!" Colin Murray, Radio 1

"I'll be playing this a lot - it's right up my street." Bill Brewster, Ministry of Sound Radio

"I love this! It's been welded to my CD player at home for a week to catch unsuspecting visitors. I've been calling it 'flat cap house'.” All FM Radio

“Compulsive listening” Review

“Startling and radical … and surprisingly poignant” Robin Denselow, The Guardian

“I think it’s brilliant.”  Gillian Anderson, Daily Telegraph

“It works beautifully and could become the unlikeliest dance hit of the year.” Rock-n -Reel

"Could do for the English tradition what Moby’s ‘Play’ did for Alan Lomax’s field recordings”
Colin Irwin, The Guardian